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Solved: Toshiba Ultrabook Z930-13N won't charge

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My ultrabook won't charge, feels like out of the blue, I did have to wiggle the connector in a bit in the last few months but a handful of times while using sitting on a sofa so didn't think anything wrong.

It has been very wet here in Dublin and I do travel by bike but that's nothing new, I haven't been caught in a downpour, the laptop is always in its "case logic" case and my bag carrier has a special laptop section and waterproof overcover which I use if vague threat of rain.

As its an ultrabook, I now realise I cannot remove the battery without a screwdriver.

I'm a mature medical student, my uni doesn't cover laptop support.

i've probably an hour left on the battery. I will put in a warm place overnight and I am kind of up the creek if no resolution :eek:

Any help greatly appreciated
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I did have to wiggle the connector in a bit in the last few months
sounds like the connector or the cable connection inside has a problem

had this on a few laptops

do you have a voltmeter / multimeter - you could check the output from the DC connection on the mains adapter first

Thank you so much for the post

I can't be sure that this was a connector problem as it only happened a very few times (<5) and only when I was slouched on sofa, never at a desk and hasn't even happened in a long time as in months. No, definitely do not have what you describe.
Things you could try:
Shutdown the laptop, remove the battery and AC adapter. Hold down the power button for 30 seconds.
After 30 seconds only plug in the AC adapter and press the power button. If the system boots up, then insert the battery and see if it begins to charge (if no then it could be that the battery has gone bad or the ACPI driver is not working correctly).

Beyond that would be to test the AC adapter, since you don't have a multimeter you would need to test with an AC adapter that is known to work and fits your laptop. If still nothing, then most likely the DC jack is bad (could be the reason for the wiggle) and would have to be replaced.

Also try different power outlets.
Thanks, I feel as if I shouldn't have mentioned the fact that I had to push it in a bit once or twice ages ago when using it at a funny angle. I'm in a new flat and probably more to do with the new sofa than anything to do with the laptop. It always connected straight away when I pushed it.

Well - i did mention it and looks like an expensive trip regardless.

Thanks anyway - 10% reminder just came up so adios
Coolburn - I'd seen that advice re the removing battery etc (how i found site) but then found I need screwdrivers to access battery as ultra book and not practical. Doing the other advice of leaving in hot place and resigned to bringing to a PC shop tomorrow.

Thanks again - might pick up these dc voltage things --- sound handy!

Thanks all
Is it out of warranty ? If the charger has a light is it on when it's plugged into the mains ?

This video shows how to dismantle your laptop if you change your mind :-

Hi all

thanks yes, that is the link that I found out i'd have to dismantle the laptop which I'd imagine would result in me doing more harm that good!

thankfully a night in the airing cupboard has resolved the issue completely, must have been damp electrics. Sourcing a waterproof laptop case :D

thanks again everyone!
Glad it's working ok again. The waterproof case seems like a good idea, cheaper than a new laptop. ;)
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