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[SOLVED] To Column Missing on Sent Es Moved

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Hi. I have Outlook Express and am wondering if anybody knows --- When a Sent eMail is moved out of the Sent folder, the Sent To column doesn't appear any more. Even if a folder is made in the Sent folder, the To column doesn't appear. This is quite frustrating when a folder contains both To's and From's. The only way to find out who it was sent to is to go to properties or move the E's back to the Sent folder.

Any Ideas ????

Thanks, Steve-x8086
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Right click on the title bar (where the different columns are) and then click columns and add whatever columns you like in there.

You may need to adjust the size of your columns if you don't want to scroll across.
All I get when I do that is "Sort Ascending" and "Sort Descending". Thanks though, Steve-x8086
What version of Outlook express do you have, I use version 6 and when I right click I get 3 options:

Sort Ascending
Sort Descending

Try clicking on view then columns.
Maybe the option is not there on earlier versions.
I just checked one of my PCs running IE5 and it has COLUMNS. If that selection is not in your right-click menu then something is strange.

Have you gone to the VIEW menu under COLUMNS and seen if it is listed and can be checked?

- Castleheart :cool:
Thanks Castelheart. I feel dumb now. Never saw that in the VIEW menu. It is there and it works. Problem solved.

Interesting, I couldn't find a reference to it in the HELP menu either.

I guess my OE is an earlier version, in the 4.0's I think.

Thanks a lot everyone. Steve-x8086
"I guess my OE is an earlier version, in the 4.0's I think."
:eek: 6.0 is much better. Download that puppy!

... just don't tell me that your processor is an Steve-x:eek: 8086 :eek:

:D - C
Hmmm no, it isn't an 8086 now. It was 11 years ago. That computer, a NCR PC6 site next to my current one and I stil use it often. Mostly for Wordstar. Would you believe my current one is: W-95, IE 4.0, P2 ???

It works fine for me but I expect to buy another soon. Everything now required the USB2 and more speed. Oh well, there goes my vacation.

Thanks again, Steve-x8086
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