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Solved: Time To Go 7 Years Old And Way To Slow

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my pc freezes too ofter and i have to reload xp and all that nightmare that goes with that but mostly it's too slow.
time to get a new one. probably just a tower for now.
i don't really know what specifications to look for (speed is my main concern i never use a lot of disk space anyway.
this is what i found in control panel under system.
XP Home version 2002 service pack 2
AMD Duron Processor
902MHz , 304 MB of ram
would even the cheapest pc be very superior to this since mine is about 7 years old if not what should i look for?
thank you for your help
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robbbb said:
when i go to defragmenter it says 37.26 GB free space 31.59 GB free space 84%. this is probably not the ram then. can someone explain
That is telling you the details of your Hard Drive . . not RAM
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