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Solved: Time To Go 7 Years Old And Way To Slow

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my pc freezes too ofter and i have to reload xp and all that nightmare that goes with that but mostly it's too slow.
time to get a new one. probably just a tower for now.
i don't really know what specifications to look for (speed is my main concern i never use a lot of disk space anyway.
this is what i found in control panel under system.
XP Home version 2002 service pack 2
AMD Duron Processor
902MHz , 304 MB of ram
would even the cheapest pc be very superior to this since mine is about 7 years old if not what should i look for?
thank you for your help
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my budget is low so i think i would rather go for tower first rather than buy a whole system . not sure what you mean by build it. i use it for working on my site, photo programs, communicating on msn and email,
thanks everyone good advice.
is there a single or a few specifications that will help me. although i have been on this machine for years i seem to have not kept up with the jargon as to what is what as far as processors and MHz even means.
thank you all
so is it just the processor and the ram then? since my pc always has about 85% free space i thought memory was not an issue but i'm probably missing something. when i go to defragmenter it says 37.26 GB free space 31.59 GB free space 84%. this is probably not the ram then. can someone explain . although i have been somewhat pc literate for some years this basic stuff i really don't get,
i have it figured out now. i don't really have to think about the hard drive they are all way bigger than the one i'm using. ram and a good cpu.
appreciate the help
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