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I have had to update my motherboard drivers and change my bios settings (suggested by my computer manufacturer - see below) as my scanner stopped scanning (possibly after a faulty fan was replaced and the bios updated by the manufacturer).
In an attempt to remedy this i installed and reinstalled my scanning software and windows me.
i can now scan again but the 'pictures' folder in 'my documents' folder now doesn't let me see thumbnail views of all my pictures which it did previously. The image preview box on the left of the screen does work if i click on a file. If i double click the file is opened eg in photodeluxe.
Is there anything i can do to get the thumbnail view back
many thanks
mark blackmore

Dear Mr M Blackmore

I would like you to make a few changes to the BIOS. The BIOS are the
main settings for the computer. Below are the instructions for how to do

Bios Settings

Please carry out the following. Use the motherboard manual as a guide.
Not all settings will apply to your bios.
Turn on the computer.
While continuously tapping the DEL key as soon as the computer has been
turned on.

This will take you into the bios screen.

Using the arrow keys to move around and the +/-, enter keys to change
settings and values.

Press F5 to load Bios defaults, choose "Yes"

Move to advance -> chipset configuration menu.
AGP fast write, [Enable]
PCI master read caching, [Enable]
delaying transactions, [Disable]
PCI to DRAM prefetch, [Enable]
Byte merge, [Enable]
Graphics aperture size [128]
Memory cache mode [uswc]

Move to Advance -> I/O device Configuration -> on board peripheral
control menu.
onboard sound, or AC97 Onboard Audio Controller [Disable]
gameport, or AC97 Onboard Modem Controller [Disable]
legacy support. (If a sound card is fitted)

Move to Advance -> PCI Configuration -> PCI/PNP IRQ resource exclusion
IRQ 5 reserve for legacy device, choose [Yes]

Move to the boot menu.
Primary VGA bios, choose [AGP]

Press F10 to save and exit, choose "Yes"

If this does not work will you please let us know what the exact name of
the motherboard is. You will find it on the motherboard manual.

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Mesh Computers PLC

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See if the file on this site will repair what you need:

Unzip it and double click to merge.
It should restore the default registry associations for the preview function.

Perhaps better yet, try the support on this page:

There is a repair-thumbnailME.reg download that looks like it might be more thorough for WinMe

Just download it and doubleclick to merge
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