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Solved: Static IP Address Doesn't Work on Server

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I've build a Dell PowerEdge 2950 NAS box with Windows 2000 Server SP4. I've set a static IP for both integrated NIC's. But both connections don't work. I can't ping anything except for its own address and loopback.

But if I let Windows assign an IP address automatically, then both connections work.

I've checked that the static IP's I've set are not being used. The dns ip addresses are the same for all the other servers.

I've tried updating to the latest Broadcom NIC drivers but static IP still doesn't work.

Dell has switched to a new motherboard and the same issue appears. Anyone have any ideas on why this is occurring. Any help would be much appreciated.
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What was the static IP addresses?

What was the IP addresses when Windows automatically assigned them?

What is the network structure, including Network ID? (as in 192.168.0.x or 10.x.x.x)
You can always set the VLAN on a switch, providing a router has the VLAN setup to the same specifications.

What CISCO switch do you have? 2950?

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