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[SOLVED] starting from scratch win 95

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A friend has given me her computer to try and do something with, there is no operating system on it at all, it used to run windows 95 but it has been completly deleted.
How do i put windows 95 back on it.......
i have boot discs for windows 95 and 98 and the cds

I need help right from the start as Im just new at doing this sort of thing....

thanks in advance
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I can't really be of any help here but do have a question. Has the HD been partitioned and formatted?
yeah i think so i think i have done it correctly, but not knowing what i was doing i just guessed
See if any of the links on this site are any help;
Follow these steps to partition and format your HD.

If you have a full install 98 CD, why not load that OS?
If drive needs to be formatted (not a bad idea to do). Start machine with Emergency Startup disk in A: (Run FDISK from A: if partitions need to be deleted or created). At A: prompt type Format (press enter key). After format, insert Win 98 FULL version not an UPGRADE version in CD drive. From A: prompt type D:(Press enter key) then type DIR at the D prompt (press enter key). See if a setup.exe file is found. If so, type Setup (press enter key). Win 98 will begin to load. Follow instructions on screen. If Setup.exe can't be found on drive D: try same procedure for E: then F: Doubt if it would be beyond F:
Good Luck
okay i started the computer with the win98 disc in a drive, and typed fdisk
in the display information this is what it says

partition c:1 status A Type pri dos mbytes 2441 system unknown usage 100%

is that okay
okay while i was waiting i put in the cd and found the setup file on "drive e"
now its saying
please wait while setup intializes
scanning system registry....

under the w of "wind" there is a line and it is blinking is this okay
not familiar with wind but sounds to me like your doing fine
has setup started? Are you installing 98?
yes 98 and no setup hasnt started yet
did you follow the directions in the link above?
Unless my memory is as grey as my hair i'd say windows should of loaded my now.
everything going okay?

I have to go for the evening and want to make sure setup has started
no it still hasnt started and yes i did visit that site

seems to jam up maybe should try windows95?????
Are you sure you formatted it? It should have FAT32 instead of "system unknown" in the fdisk info.
i dont know how to format the drive......
i have tried but it only gets so far and says there is something wrong with the partitions
As it isn't your computer I really think you should find somebody who knows what they are doing to try and fix it.
I have started again i deleted all the partitions and now I am creating a primary dos partition

the computer is "verifying drive intergrity"

I have tried this a few times and it gets so to about 8% then back to zero it can do this all night.....
shall i just leave it alone even if it takes ages or is something else wrong????
thanks greengeek but if ya dont want to help then dont......

i want to learn and the people are quite happy for me to do it
did you boot up with the boot disk in A:\ and type fdisk?
then enable large disk support
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