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(Solved) start up/password

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When i boot up my PC, i have to put in my password all the time before i get to my desktop.... its only me that use's this computer so its not really necessary.... how do i get rid of it? i know its simple but can't find out how to do it anywhere???

Thanks Mark
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Try this for a start:

Control Panel, Passwords, User Profiles. Check All users use the same
settings. Do not reboot at this point.

Go to ControlPanel>Network
Choose Windows Logon as Primary Login

Open system.ini
Delete all lines under
[Password Lists]

No joy?

Go to Start/Find/Files or Folders, and type *.pwl in the 'named' field.
Delete the files with the *.pwl extension that come up.

Now reboot
You should now get the login box. Type your name and password or leave the password field blank for no password

Good luck,
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Thanks Tony, first option work!!
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