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(Solved) Spybot message?

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I downloaded skins from spybot site, then I received this message when I clicked skins:
Don't know what to do?
Thanks in advance.


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Sooky 47

What message are you referring to ?

All I see is a normal spybot page

That is just showing the colors etc and it did not find anything really.
They should of added more words to say that is was not real and not to worry.
Sorry steamwiz,
I just updated the picture I sent ........ unless I explain my problems better, I see it is no help to whoever is reading the post. I will try to be more explicite.

Thanks hewee ,

What I was referring to was the : " this is spyware" message in red.
I thought I had downloaded and received something I didn't want. If this is not a real message, then I can rest easy......... I guess.

Thanks again.
It is the very same thing everyone see's.

Hey I went nuts the first time but then I knew it was just a image and not a real scan.

Take care
As hewee said, it's just showing you samples of the different message types, so you can see if you like the way that particular skin displays them. Try a different skin and pick your favorite. Personally I just use the original one.
Hi Sooky 47

Yes it is a bit misleading - but rest assured all is well

All it means is when you run sybot - what it finds in red is spyware what it finds in green is a usage track etc.

Thanks ALL,

Much appreciated.


you're very welcome

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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