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Solved: Sort by color???

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I was given an Excel doc where the creator color coded changes in data that I need to fix.
There are about 300 rows and the data I need to update is scattered all over.

Is there anyway to sort by color?

That would save me a LOT of time! :D

Thanks for any and all help. :up:
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Thanks Rollin, that's what I needed. But as it turns out, this morning I noticed some hidden cells... one of with being an entry date. :cool: All the old data was dated earlier than the corrected data. So it was just a matter of sorting by date. :up:

Sorry for not explaining it very well the first time.

Thanks for the efforts!
Oooo! That's what I was looking for. The hidden date thing worked this time. But I have a feeling that I will need the code you provided in the future.

Thanks firefytr :)
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