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Solved: something other than Adobe Flash Player?

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When I ran a Skybolt scan on my main hp I lost the ability to play Utube items. I tried to reinstall Adobe Flash Player and it bombed requiring that I get rid of Internet Explorer (I use exp 11.). I am a MS addict and won't scrap the way I have been doing business to satisfy a company that demands I load Chrome (I don't like it) and Macfee (don't like them either). I tried everything I am capable of doing all to no avail. The installer stops.

I have Flash Player running on a older Dell lap top and I can use that. Unless.. there is another program that will run these videos that is simple to install, doesn't need Adobe, and works.

So, question is another product???? Any advice will be appreciated.

Running latest Windows 7.
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That's a strange thing that you encountered. I just went to and found Flash Player 15 for Internet Explorer.

Know that Adobe will attempt to send you the version of Flash for the current browser you are using to visit their site. If you are using another browser to go to Adobe, you have to click on "Need Flash Player for a different computer" to get to a page where you can pick the platform you want to download for.
I have done everything Adobe asks except I can not figure out how to turn off Internet Explorer without loosing my ability to communicate to the internet. I know I'm dumb about this computer stuff. Question, Adobe asked me to turn off active x under the safety tab. Should I leave this off?

The installation gets to 93% and stops.

Help requested.

edit: Conclusion it will never work. Responses here closed without a solution to the problem which (in my case) is using Windows 7 with Internet Explorer 11
Are you saying that Adobe asks you to turn off IE ?? That has never happened with me. Are you sure you are installing Flash from ? I suggest you leave the current Flash or whatever it is alone and go straight to and download Flash from there.
Yes the installer from Adobe and other places, multiple times, ends with turn off IE. As it stands now I cannot open and play many Utube videos. Big step backward and a black eye for Adobe in my opinion.

Just think about all the advertising revenue they are loosing. :)
Please run the TSG System Info, and copy paste the results in your next reply
What is this "Skybolt scan"? Or is it a scam? I've problem never had IE open whenever updating Flash, but never had such issues either.
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2400 CPU @ 3.10GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 8080 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics, -1988 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 467399 MB, Free - 341629 MB; D: Total - 9437 MB, Free - 1125 MB; F: Total - 953867 MB, Free - 677567 MB;
Motherboard: Hewlett-Packard, 1497
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated and Enabled
Download this
for IE in Windows 7 and older versions of Windows. Then close IE and install it. This comes without the unwanted extras.
I've installed this on 5 computers (four running 7 and one running XP) on 14 October 2014 with no problem on any.

Is this the skybolt?
First thing I notice is that the date on the website is 2002 - 2011!
Thanks for the hint.

You must forgive me. I am reluctant to run stuff on my computer that I am not sure about.
I am reluctant to run stuff on my computer that I am not sure about.
If you are talking about the direct link to the flash player installer it is exactly what Liz said it is. :)
If you are talking about the direct link to the flash player installer it is exactly what Liz said it is. :)
I did not recognize what it was. Never the less I have run the installer from just about every windows and adobe trouble shooting and support source I could find, with the same result.
I think it must be some other program you have that is telling you to turn off IE. Adobe Flash installer has never told me that. If it is a dialog box that is saying this, please see the dialog box header/frame to verify the program name.
In order for Flash Player to be installed or updated, any programs that use Flash Player must be closed. This includes Internet Explorer or other browsers, instant messengers, Skype, etc.

These programs may be running in the background, not as visible windows, but need to be closed anyway.

To close such programs use the Windows Task Manager.
You most likely have a virus if it says you need to uninstall Internet Explorer, it's built into Windows so you'd have to be pretty good with computers in order to pull that off. Add/Remove programs and showing the updates will show you IE 11 and if you uninstall it, you will get downgraded to IE 10. I'd say get Malwarebytes and run a scan, you are most likely infected if it is asking you to uninstall IE. (You aren't confusing uninstall with close right? When you install Flash Player you have to x out of IE)
Andrew, the first instance of the word "uninstall" in this thread is in your post. And several others have also in various forms mentioned the need to "x out of IE."

You are not qualified to offer malware removal advice here, so if you are going to suggest running Malwarebytes you need to also post how the person should proceed to get help if Malwarebytes indicates any problem. And I suspect you haven't learned that yet.
oldtee, did you download the flash exe file I linked to, to your computer? You can not run it from the link because you have to have a browser open to get to the url and flash will refuse to install if any browser is open.
So if you keep trying to run it instead of saving it tp your computer, it will always fail.
In addition to the last post by plodr (Liz)

When I ran a Skybolt scan on my main hp I lost the ability to play Utube items.
You are referring to SpyBot Search and Destroy?

Please post the following to see some of what is running on your pc.
Download Security Check by screen317 from.

Save it to your Desktop.
Double click the install icon.
If using Vista - Win 7 - right click the install icon and select "Run as Administrator"
A command Prompt window will open.
Let it scan the Pc - press any key when asked.
It should now open in Notepad.
Copy and Paste the result of the scan in the reply box below.
Download Mini Tool Box

Download to your desktop.
Double Click on the Mini Toolbox icon.
Put a Tick in Installed Programs
Leave the Tick in Only Problems - under List Devices
Click Go and let it scan your Pc.
It will then open in Notepad - copy and paste the log file here.
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Thanks to all that responded. One of the Adobe options was to download and save. I ran the installer from the download file and it ran to completion. Restarted and checked and it works. During the installation MS essentials detected a problem and fixed it. Ran a while longer and came up successful and Finish.

Count me done. Thanks.
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