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Solved: Solved: Solved: Cannot open attachments named resume.doc

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My Operating System is Windows ME and I am using MS Outlook 2000.

My problem is, I cannot open attachments that are named resume.doc.
I keep getting the following error message:

"Can't create file. Right-click the folder you want to create the file in and click on properties menu to check your permissions for the folder."

I can open anything else, resume1.doc, resume2.doc, etc... but not resume.doc. Is there a setting I need to change or something?

Thanks for your help in advance.
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First, I would show the file extension to be sure that it isn't an .exe

# On your desktop, open My Computer.
# Select the Tools menu, & then select Folder Options
# In the Folder Options windows, click on the View tab.
# Uncheck the box next to "Hide file extensions for known file types" then click
ok. Next look at the file with the extension.

If it is ok, then just right-click on
it and save it to a file. Then open Microsoft Word and use Word's
File->Open menu to select the file just saved.
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Thanks Augie65,

I tried your suggestions and it didn't work. They are .doc files with no hidden extensions but I cannot save them either. I get the same error message when I try.
Scan for virus.. This attachment sounds like one..
Change the default temp folder that Outlook uses. Instructions here: Article ID : 305982

Thanks everyone, I deleted a file in my temp files and it seems to be working fine now. The file was labeled OLK8351.
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