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[SOLVED] SCSI CD player vanished!

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Tonight I went to use my CD player (it's SCSI) and I noticed that the icon was missing when I opened up "my computer". Upon further investigation I also noticed that it was missing from device manager too.

I rebooted the computer and noticed that the SCSI card did not find the CD player, so I did a manual scan with the SCSI card and it DID see the CD player. When I am in safe mode the CD player shows up too.

What would cause such a problem?
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Did you figure this one out? You said it DID show up in safe mode????
I'd check and see what drivers the SCSI adapter and/or the CD are using. Perhaps uninstalling and re-installing them will help?

I have a machine with a SCSI CD, but it works fine with no drivers...
First thing to do is to remove the SCSI card in device manager and reboot. Windows will load it. You might as well download the newest driver for the card. It has been my experience with 3 different SCSI cards that they don’t need the driver to run a CD – Windows loads enough for them to run most accessories. But you can learn a lot about your SCSI bus by booting to the SCSI BIOS, and that requires the driver. You do need the driver for HDs.

Also unplug and reset the cable at both ends and pull your SCSI card out and plug it back in. Maybe try a different slot.

Another option is to shut down and reset the SCSI ID jumpers on the CD. I had an old SCSI scanner that would occasionally go AWOL and the only way I could get it back was to change to a different unused ID. It wasn’t logical but it was the only thing that worked.
Originally posted by AcaCandy:
Did you figure this one out?
Yes! It was another thing that was fixed when I formatted yesterday :p
:D :D I kinda thought so, but was just digging thru posts ;)
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