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Solved: SATA Installation Help!

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I just received my 74gb Raptor and need some help transferring all my junk from my 120gb Seagate...I plan on keeping the Seagate for all my media and extra storage, then running the programs and such off of the Raptor. So what I need to do is transfer everything from the Seagate to the Raptor (meaning, make a copy) then format the Seagate, then transfer what I want, like media, back to the Seagate. I think this is all correct...but i need help!

I got the drive screwed in and hooked up properly...I log into Windows and it comes up with "New Hardware Detected (Disc Drive)", just like it would bring up when you plug in a flash drive. It gives you the options to "Safely Remove Hardware" and stuff like that...It doesn't show up in My Computer.

I read some where that I need to install drivers in order for Windows to detect it. Is this correct? If so, then what do I do? How do I go about copying everything from one drive to the other? Thanks!
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as was said eariier, put the 120gig in a anti-static bag and put it away on a shelf or some place safe for awhile, use the raptor and make sure it is performing for you, then you can reformat the 120 and install as a storage drive. Without doing a fresh install on the raptor you will most likely see no real increase in performance from the 120, maybe a little, its alway good to do fresh installs, you should have backups of all your programs and files on hand so that you are ready to do a reformat at any time.
Noyb said:
Save the Seagate as a backup in case you need to retrieve something …
and until the Raptor gets past its infant mortality stage and you have confidence in it.

Then the Seagate can be installed as a second HD to use for data storage and as a place for temp working files which will speed up some operation even more.

Then, using Acronis .. the OS in the Raptor can also be backed up in the Seagate.

But … Saving the Seagate for a while is no good … If he can’t read it.
It really shouldn’t work this way … What’s Wrong ???
I know that sounds like a probelm with having SATA as a boot drive and a PATA with an os on it as well maybe pc is confused, what is PATA set to slave?
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