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Solved: SATA Installation Help!

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I just received my 74gb Raptor and need some help transferring all my junk from my 120gb Seagate...I plan on keeping the Seagate for all my media and extra storage, then running the programs and such off of the Raptor. So what I need to do is transfer everything from the Seagate to the Raptor (meaning, make a copy) then format the Seagate, then transfer what I want, like media, back to the Seagate. I think this is all correct...but i need help!

I got the drive screwed in and hooked up properly...I log into Windows and it comes up with "New Hardware Detected (Disc Drive)", just like it would bring up when you plug in a flash drive. It gives you the options to "Safely Remove Hardware" and stuff like that...It doesn't show up in My Computer.

I read some where that I need to install drivers in order for Windows to detect it. Is this correct? If so, then what do I do? How do I go about copying everything from one drive to the other? Thanks!
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Alright I checked the bios and sure enough, it is in there. I think I might just do a fresh install on the raptor and then transfer all the files manually...will this be a problem? Is it as simple as dragging and dropping the program folder or do I need to reinstall everything, like say NFS Most Wanted. I won't lose any game info or files by doing this I hope?
Alrighty, I guess I'll give Ghost a shot...I have dial up so 45mb will take me a while (overnight) and I'll give this a shot in the morning. Does ghost actually have an option to transfer and entire drive to another or will it be more involved than that? Also like I said, the drive is detected in the bios, but in Windows itself it doesn't show up in my computer or anything. Will this be a problem? Thanks!
Noyb said:
The free trial of Acronis is fully functional for 14 days.

Your Raptor should have come with a CD that will also let you Clone the 120 to the Raptor.

I don't know how old the system on your 120 is .. but if I got a Raptor cause I felt the "Need for Speed" ..
I'd install the Raptor and Recover it from the recovery CD/DVDs.
Nothing beats a fresh restore for tuning up a computer.

If you put your computer specs (Make n Model.. etc ..) in your TSG profile .. we could see what you have.
See our Computer icons beside our user names above .... It might make a difference.
Ha, I got the Raptor off ebay was new, but didn't come with any CD, mounting hardware, or anything else.

And my pc specs are in my signature if you care to look. I'll try arconis...That's a bigger download but I have nothing to do today lol. Oh and I've had it since October or so of 05', and I take care of it so it's running slow at all.
Hmm, alrighty...But I really don't want to lose any info from my games and stuff. I know I can drag and drop media files from drive to drive, but is there any way I can save my game info since drag and drop isn't an option? Could I like, make a copy of the game data file, reinstall my games, then plop the game data file into the proper folder?

I'd also hate to lose all my apps and Winamp, AVG, Msn Messenger, and I CANNOT lose stepmania lol...that game has over 500mb of downloading on it and with dial up that's a looooong time.
Wow am I pissed...93% done with the download and my connection timed out. So I guess I'll just go download it at a friends house...

I currently have 79.4gb of free space...the drive shows up as 111gb
Okay, I successfully cloned the Seagate onto the Raptor, but now all I have showing up in My Computer is the raptor. The seagate is now the one in the taskbar with the "Safely Remove Hardware" option. Is this something I need to fix in the bios?
Brite, the difference is actually night and day as far as performance goes...not gonna lie lol

I asked earlier how I can save all my game data and apps if I were to do a reformat, I don't know how I would go about doing that...

EDIT: Bah nvm..I used Acronis to format and make the Seagate show up in My Computer. I also backed up the entire C: drive to the Seagate (good idea or no?). So if I were to reformat everything on the Raptor right now, how would I get all my data that I backed up back to it, like the games, AVG, MSN...oh and would I also have to redownload SP2?
The Seagate is an ATA. The name of the backup file is MyBackup1, and it's still got 40 minutes left of copying. When it asked me if I wanted to exclude any System files in the backup process I chose not to exclude any. Should I have or no?

And yes, I'm definitely considering buying Acronis :D
Oh okay. Can I just add that extension when it's done then by renaming it?
Ooo, you are does have a .tib extension. I'll let you know how big the file is when complete.

Now let's say I were to reformat the Raptor and end up with a fresh install of Windows and a backup file on my other drive. Does Acronis know how to transfer all that stuff back or will I be outta luck with some data?
Well as of now I think I'll just keep how it is, cloned from the Seagate. I formatted the Seagate and put all my media and pictures on there to save some space. This drive is faaaaast, I love it! If I ever feel the need to though, I will reformat.

Now the last thing to deal with is the task bar icon. That "Safely Remove Hardware" icon is still there, and the Raptor drive is shown in the window when I open it up. How do I rid of this? I updated the driver for the Raptor btw.
Agh, here I'll attach a screen shot.


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Here ya go, sorry I didn't post it sooner.


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Yeah, my mobo has 4 SATA ports, and I plugged this drive into Port 1.

I was told this on another forum
"If you have windows XP you will need to install drivers to use the sata drive (assuming your Mobo supports them)."

Well I did a driver update for the Raptor and it said it found/installed the updates...

Here's some info I gathered from the bios-

Hard Disk Drives
1. 1st SATA-M: WDC (Raptor)
2. 1st Master: ST3 (Seagate)
3. Bootable Add-in Cards

Boot Priority
1st Boot Device- CDROM
2nd- Hard Disk
3rd- Hard Disk
4th- Disabled

I tried changing the Boot Priority to Hard Disk, Hard Disk, CD ROM but had no success.

Primary IDE Master- ST3 (Seagate)
Primary IDE Slave- None
First SATA Master- WDC (Raptor)
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I changed the jumper settings on the Seagate to make it the success with that darned icon.
It boots both drives shows both drives just wont get rid of the "Safely Remove Hardware" icon in the taskbar for the Raptor.
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