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Solved: SATA Installation Help!

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I just received my 74gb Raptor and need some help transferring all my junk from my 120gb Seagate...I plan on keeping the Seagate for all my media and extra storage, then running the programs and such off of the Raptor. So what I need to do is transfer everything from the Seagate to the Raptor (meaning, make a copy) then format the Seagate, then transfer what I want, like media, back to the Seagate. I think this is all correct...but i need help!

I got the drive screwed in and hooked up properly...I log into Windows and it comes up with "New Hardware Detected (Disc Drive)", just like it would bring up when you plug in a flash drive. It gives you the options to "Safely Remove Hardware" and stuff like that...It doesn't show up in My Computer.

I read some where that I need to install drivers in order for Windows to detect it. Is this correct? If so, then what do I do? How do I go about copying everything from one drive to the other? Thanks!
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Go into bios, if it is recognized then you wont need drivers.
The Seagate website has some software to enable you to copy from one drive to the other.
A better option is Acronis True Image, this will clone from one drive to another flawlessly,
invaluable piece of software IM.
You can try before you buy
You will have to reinstall all you applications and games if you want to have the avantage of the raptor speed, you cant drag and drop them
Or leave them where they are, they will still work.
If Bios "sees" the drive then Ghost should also.
Windows does not recognize it yet because it has not been formatted ( formatting is not required for cloning)
I have not used Ghost myself I prefer Acronis, there should be an option to clone from one drive to another
Buy Acronis, you wont regret it, best piece of software I have ever purchased
Well done, I have book marked that for future reference:up:
1 - 5 of 38 Posts
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