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Hi guys this is my first request for help so I hope I format it correctly etc.

This problem has been ongoing for months now but has finally reached its peak. Essentially the symptoms are the computers on the network sometimes receive no internet at all, sometimes they receive a tiny amount compared to normal. I should be getting 8Mb but when I do an online speed test I’m only getting 150Kb/s (I know there not 100% accurate but I’ve clocked 6.5Mb on them before so I know something is up)

Here is my simple network setup:

1 Netgear DG834
2 Desktops both XP Pro SP3 Legit copies
3 Laptops, 1XP Pro SP3 and 2 Vista Legit copies
1 WiFi signal amplifier
1 Network Printer

For now my main concern is getting the desktops access sorted, i can worry about the laptops later.

When this has occurred previously I have rebooted the router and it seems to fix it (which is a pain since its in my attic) but its only temporary. Sometimes it goes weeks without problems then for days in a row it gives me agro. I have replaced the router with the exact model and used the settings from my previous router (which I didn’t set up manually just copied the file between them via a desktop) and this helped for maybe 6-8 weeks I haven’t been counting.

Now today its back to its old tricks and hopefully I can try to describe what i have tried and see if any of you guru's notice something I didn’t.

Nothing can ping through the router if that makes sense. For example PC 1 cannot ping PC2 or vise versa. PC1 cant ping printer etc etc, nothing can ping anything on the other side of the router although they can share files over the network and I even started a network PC game just to test it and it was flawless (left it running for a while) so this doesn’t make sense to me. Neither computer can see the others but they can still connect? Is the router maybe redirecting all the traffic on its own somehow or even acting like a hub and sending it out in every direction? (Router also acts as my network switch)

Also what’s even more bizarre is the router cannot ping either of the desktops although it is sending data to them? This makes me think its just flooding data out of every hole and since each desktop has its own Cat 5 cable its not being noticed. The router is also not detecting any collisions and I would find that bazaar if it was flooding the network...

The router itself is also receiving full speed as far as I can tell

(sorry its so small, if you click it should expand in a new window)

Notice the download speed is way higher than I am receiving on the PC’s. As can be seen it’s a whopping 7.3Mb huge compared to the rough 150Kb that the desktops are receiving.

Following is the connection status if this helps:
Connection Time
Connecting to Server
Getting IP Addresses
Getting Network Mask

I have hidden my ip for obvious reasons but it has obtained a working one.

All the connection devices use DHCP to get an address except the printer which it static at .254. The router always sets itself as .1 and then whatever connects next gets .2, .3, .4 etc etc. I have tried setting static addresses for the desktops with know luck.

So anyone have any ideas? No matter how likely I will try it.

Very much appreciating any help or guidance offered. Thanks in advance!


p.s. If you want any logs I will give them just ask and please tell me how to obtain them if it’s not obvious :p

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Just a little update

Last night the internet went completely find again at about 11:30 it was fine untill i went to bed at 1:00am and now when i go to use it now at 11am its completely slow again.

Also i have noticed that TX b/s and RX b/s are way down compared to yesterday, as far as i know these are up and download respectively.

Yesterday it was as follows:
TX b/s: 669
Rx b/s : 1405

Today it looks like this:
TX b/s: 536
Rx b/s : 9123

I have noticed something else, when i do a speed test it imediatly starts at about 800 then drops down to 150, is it possible i am being capped by my ISP? i havent recieved any letter stating so and its getting towards the end of the month, maybe i have used my quota although i dont think i have one. I have heard though ISP's can limit your speed if you download alot that month but not cut you off entirely so they can still advertise a 'no limit' policy...

My router seems to be recieveing connections fine, i can ping out from my router to google etc with 23ms returns so it seems the router is recieveing fine just not the devices it connection too, cant find anything like this anyware else but surely this is not a unique problem.

Dont know if this will help diagnosis but thought id post it.


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