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Solved: Registry problem

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I am having trouble with Power DVD film showing. I have had much help from their E-mail support. Now I have been given these instructions -

(1) Please uninstall Cyberlink DVD Solution (by following steps)

(a) Start --> Programs --> Cyberlink DVD Solution (uninstall it). Check the registry for any existing CDS keys and delete them using steps (b) and (c).

(b) Start --> Run (keyin ""regedit"") --> HKEY_Current_User --> Software --> Cyberlink --> CDS (delete the folder)

(c) Start --> Run (keyin ""regedit"") --> HKEY_Local_Machine --> Software --> Cyberlink --> CDS (delete the folder).

(d) Search and delete folder named Cyberlink DVD Solution , if exists. Restart your system.

When, in following (b) I open software, I
find that Cyberlink is coupled with a
Dell folder which does not have a + or -
box, but simply "hangs" on the
Cyberlink +. I am afraid to delete the
Cyberlink folder in case I delete
somthing to do with the computer

Cyber say they cannot help; that I must get in touch with Dell. I do not want to do this unless I have to, because of their Upfront charges.

I have a Dell laptop and XP Home.

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Thanks. I have downloaded CCleaner and I have run it, clicked on Issues, then Scan for Issues, as you suggested. There are least 250 items including six Cyberlink ones. All of them are ticked by default. Do I run with all ticked or not? Allan.
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