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Solved: Registry problem

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I am having trouble with Power DVD film showing. I have had much help from their E-mail support. Now I have been given these instructions -

(1) Please uninstall Cyberlink DVD Solution (by following steps)

(a) Start --> Programs --> Cyberlink DVD Solution (uninstall it). Check the registry for any existing CDS keys and delete them using steps (b) and (c).

(b) Start --> Run (keyin ""regedit"") --> HKEY_Current_User --> Software --> Cyberlink --> CDS (delete the folder)

(c) Start --> Run (keyin ""regedit"") --> HKEY_Local_Machine --> Software --> Cyberlink --> CDS (delete the folder).

(d) Search and delete folder named Cyberlink DVD Solution , if exists. Restart your system.

When, in following (b) I open software, I
find that Cyberlink is coupled with a
Dell folder which does not have a + or -
box, but simply "hangs" on the
Cyberlink +. I am afraid to delete the
Cyberlink folder in case I delete
somthing to do with the computer

Cyber say they cannot help; that I must get in touch with Dell. I do not want to do this unless I have to, because of their Upfront charges.

I have a Dell laptop and XP Home.

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Here's what I would do: start > run: msconfig > Launch System Restore and create a restore point you can go back to.

Also, you can in the registry select File > Export and export (save) any key before deleting it.

If you have problems after that that you think are related to what you did you can either run system restore and return to the restore date or restore the saved registry keys individually by double clicking them.
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