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[Solved] Registry error {vnetsup>WorkGroup name}

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I am running Win98SE,Norton 2002 Utilities and AntiVirus programs and Tiny Personal Firewall...
It seems(it just started yesterday) that whenever I reboot my system I get this error:
The following error occurred while loading the device VNETSUP...
error 6101: The string specified by the WorkGroup keyword in the registry was not found...

Can somebody explain and help me get rid of this error...I have done a search in the registry for both the device as well as the Workgroup, but I am not familiar at all with registries...

Thank you in advance
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Have a look at Control Panel>Network>Identification Tab
Be sure the Computer Name and Workgroup are correct.
To see what it says in the registry go here:

In the right pane there should be two String Names.

If you are not sure what it should be, do a scanreg /restore to get you back to when it did work. If the error message goes away, find that information and make a note of it for next time.

Boot to the command prompt by restarting and holding the CTRL button until the boot menu appears.
At the prompt type scanreg /restore
Press enter

Choose a registry from a date before this started. You eill lose all other changes you have made since this date.
Too easy for you...I checked out the Workgroup name in network client and it was missing...not sure why, but...anyways, typed it back in then went the registry where you told me to go and computer name and workgroup were as they were supposed to be....should have checked registry first to see if workgroup was entered there but I assume that when I filled it in at the network client site it automatically registered in the registry???
Anyways,(nothing like making a short story long,eh?)I thank you very much for your extremely fast response and wish you a very Merry Christmas
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More than likely it was entered when you typed it. I wanted to be sure everything was set though. No Grinches allowed. Glad it worked out for you. Actually, The Registry is the last resort in most cases. Network was the place to check.

Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas.

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