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Solved: Random Freezes

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Can anyone tell me what are some of the reasons why a computer would randomly freeze ? It may happen 1-3 times a day while the computer is in operation for about 8-12 hrs.

Thank you
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thank you, I will give that a look. One question though. I should probably do this after it actually freezes up on me right ? When I first turn it on in the morning it would for obvious reasons NOT show hot.
Yes, like just now it has been on for about 3 hrs and I was playing BF-2 and wham freeze. I rebooted and checked the temp it said it was at 65 and shutdown is at 85. I thought that when a comp overheats that it will shutdown to protect itself instead of freezing.
We;ll do that tomorrow:

On probably the same lines today when I booted the comouter it was asking me what I wanted to boot from. ex) Floppy, Cd, IDE0, IDE1 and maybe one other. What the heck did I get that for? We'll see how she boots tomorrow.
So after I have installed the speed fan what exactly am I looking for lol
lets see if I can do this right: First pic is after computer being on for 10 min and the 2nd one is after 3hrs:


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schusterjo some great information there, tyvm:

Here is a pic taken after a freeze and a reboot: No real difference there either I don't believe:


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All great information: I took case apart and did the ole vacuum in er. Not one freeze tonight. I removed the hsf and noticed the paste(glue) wearing away. Two questions. 1)How do I know what size,shape,power,color etc. of HSF to get and 2)Where do I get this paste(glue) and how is it applied ? Can it be applied to thin or too thick ? Which part although I don't see why it would matter does the glue(paste) go on ? The bottom of the HSF or the chip cover ? I am assuming that HSF stands for Heat Seek Fan ?

UPDATE: I just ran PC wizard and got this:

Mainboard: MSI 661FM3-V (MS-7103)
Chipset: SiS 661FX
MFG of main board: Unspecified
Processor temp after 3.5 hrs of gaming (BF-2): 57.5 C
MainBoard temp: 32. C
Power/Aux Temp: 52.5

Thanks guys
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No freezes all week. Darn dust, lol.....Thanks for all of the great help:

After I did all of this my swat game just lags unbelieveable now. BF doesnt lag at all but this swat game has gone out of control. Thanks again for all of the great great info.
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