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[SOLVED] Quicky

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Good afternoon,

just a quicky, what is the best way of removing the following when starting up?

bad command or file name

this occurs every start up and is proberably a left over from when i had a matrox graphics card.

any one know how a complete novice would get rid of this , if at all possible?

best regards
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Edit your autoexec.bat file and remove the offending line....
Good evening,

Sorry, as mentioned, how does a complete novice do this, i seem to have trouble understanding how to change things in MS 98 never mind the DOS, my extent of knowledge goes as far as i know what dos is but it flies above my head when someone explains how to do things.

Best regards
Go to START > RUN and type SYSEDIT
When the Sysedit window opens, there will be windows for several system files. Click on Autoexec.Bat and look for a line mentioning and type REM and a space in front of that line:


That will tell your computer to ignore that line. Close the Sysedit Window. When a message box pops up asking if you want to save your changes, click on "Yes"
Thank you,
Just completed the instruction, i wish all the problems i had with this computer were that simple.

again thank you
You're welcome, and any other problems you have can probably be solved here too...

There are a lot of good people here who are willing to help with any problem. :D
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