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Solved: Problem with Importing Excel Records into Access

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I know:
A) I am probably doing this wrong. I am certainly doing SOMETHING wrong.
B) There is undoubtedly a faster/easier/better/more reliable (choose one or more) way

So I decided to ask the experts. I have an Access database of woodworking magazines that I am slowly populating. I thought it would be easier to just fill in the information in Excel (I'm pretty experienced with that) and then just import it into the Access table. That way I could kind of quality check the data before I put it in the database. Usually I just do one magazine at a time, save the Excel file and then import it into the Article table in the database (all are attached). Two things go wrong. First, when I import it, I always get an error message saying Access couldn't import the whole table and 0 records were not added. I don't understand that at all, because ALL the records always are added to the table. But, the other problem is that the first column in the Excel file, the magazine title (or at least an abbreviation thereof) is always blank in the Access table. I have to go back and populate it every time.

I have attached a zip file with a pared-down database and a populated Excel file. Can someone look at it and tell me how I can improve this process so I don't get error messages and do get all of the data I put in? Thanks. View attachment DB
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OK, I'll try to add on the attachment once again. Meanwhile, I am File > Get External Data > Import path to bring the records in. I think I have it this time. I don't think I need the VBA. I just need to find out how I have mis-formatted or misaligned the data in the spreadsheet so it doesn't come in correctly. And thanks for the assistance.


Got the attachment to work, but forgot to mention I am heading out for a bike club (non-motorized) meeting and won't be back for a few hours. Thanks again.
In Chicago, they have to include alternative sports. Ours is a bike and ski club (mostly cross-country). Unfortunately, this year there hasn't been enough snow for cross-country, so we've been doing mostly bikes, but now it's even too cold for that.
Thanks. That was all I needed to know. I can probably figure out how to make a form in Access. That's the way I learn most everything, by being forced to. I just took the path of least resistance and did it in Excel. And then I couldn't figure out why it wouldn't import that first column. Let me play around with it for a while and if I get stuck, I'll call for help. But I really appreciate the analysis that tells me why it wasn't working. Thanks again.
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