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(solved) picking up a picture

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You've helped me before big time, now I'm asking for your help again. I requested a signature on a forum and it's just what I wanted but they have my wrong name (Maggie instead of Peggy),and it's listed as a gif, but I can't pick it up as a gif, this is what I get when I click on it:
I'm the golfer Maggie. Is there any way one of you could change this name and make it into a gif so I can use it? If not able to chAnge the name, could you tell me how to retrieve it as a gif? It's important to know I have an internet appl, similar to a web tv, which has restrictions.
I'm so hoping someone can help, they assume on this board that everyone knows how to do this and I can't get an answer to my question.
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Peggy...I have it saved on my harddrive as maggie.gif & maggie.jpg....however I don't know how to change the name to Peggy....If you send me you email I can attach both files & email them to you if that is any help. Sorry I couldn't change the name for you!

Hi Peggy

Is this what you want?
What size would you like?



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I didnt think to re-size it since I thought it was to be used elsewhere. If you want to use it here it will have to be re-sized and you will have to wait until you have 100 posts.
I am absolutely thrilled with you guys. I love them all, but one problem, I can't pick them up as a gif . Can you figure out how I can do this?
Right click, choose save as, make sure .gif is selected in the file type box.
This is what I get when I click onto the pic. I remember Mulder had this problem with me last time when Ratboy was helping me. I'm just so pleased that you've taken the time to help me with this, I didn't think I'd be able to use it. The last size by Doyce was great. If you figure out how to do the Peggy gif, maybe I could get the Maggie too. Thanks so very, very much all of you.
Geoffrey & Buck, my email address is [email protected]
If you've found out how I can pick this up as a gif, please let me know. I don't have a webtv, have "properties for this page".
Darn, forgot the webtv thing. My mom has that. How was the other one posted at the golf site? If it has a browse option at that site, then you can use that to link to the url you posted with the gif.
There's no way I can pick up anything anywhere unless it's in gif or jpeg. I may invest in a full pc sometime after my contract is up but meanwhile I just have to cope.
I believe Mulder put it on his server for you to link to.
I will copy it and stick it on geocities for you to link to. Be back after I complete it with the hyperlink.
Thanks Dave. Your better at explaining things. :)

PS- I wont run out on you. :)
Can you download a bmp file if so here it is.


No. She can link and run HTML in certain applications.
Here are two link on Geo servers see which will work for you.

Removed links not required by Peggy.
Since you are running WebTv you might want to consider going to and setting up a web folder so you and upload your the pics from other sites that you want and store them there for hyperlink. This way you do not have to be dependant on others for storage.
If you need help in setting it up I will set it up for you and you can run it.

couldn't get Dave's gif link to work so here's another one in case it's needed


Buck, your gif worked great, thanks a lot. I really appreciate all the help.
Davey, I don't have a clue as to what you mean but if you'll email me and explain maybe I can learn something new and use it. Is there anything you all did to get this turned into a gif that I could possibly do myself? I don't want to request another signature if I have to ask for help in picking it up every time.
What do you mean by hyperlink? [email protected]

Thanks again to all of you, you are GRRREATTT!!!!!
I loved looking at all your pictures, you're a good looking bunch alright. Geoffrey you look nothing like your pic you post over your name, and Davey, yours is really funny, you're a good looking guy.
It's nice to be able to see the people you "talk" to.
Thanks again for all your help
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