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Solved: PC crashes - overheating?

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Hi, After some hours of use my PC has been freezing. My poor wife has been blamed for doing things whilst I've been virus checking, etc!!! However, I'm thinking perhaps that the CPU/Mobo is overheating.

My 350Watt PSU fan appears not to be operating - would this be the cause of the excess heat?

I've run Everest Home Edition which has told me various temps - as I write this now, the PC has been on for 40mins and Everest reports the CPU temp is 65C (rising slowly), Mobo 38C (seems to be constant).

I understand that these figures aren't precise, but surely the margin of error isn't that great.

I have an old 300 watt PSU, which I can dig out and if it's working, could I fit this to the PC.

I'm concerned about going down in wattage as I've got a new gfx card and extra optical drive waiting to be fitted. Will the 300 PSU be sufficient?

Please help me!!

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Let me know what Everest info to post - the report is WAY too big - do you just want the computer section posted (summary, DMI, overclock, Power Management, Sensor)?
Yeah the specs listed on here are all that I have inside. Just to let you know with the side of the case off the temp has plummeted to a nice, constant 51C. I just got the other PSU - it's a 200W unit - is that enough for this system plus the new stuff to come?
That's a damn good price for a PSU - I've been looking over here and you're looking at around £35 for a 350W (is that about $80?)

Think I need a vacation!!! lol
TYVM for all your help bro - and yes we do still use the pound over here!! lol
I'll mark this thread as "solved"
Hang on !!!!

I took out the PSU and blew out the crap and tried it and it appears that the fan IS working, although it seems slow to me.

I'm monitoring the temps as I type this.

The PC has been on for less than 10 mins and I have a CPU temp of 55C.

Now then, the PC is out of it's usual position. It normally sits on the bottom of a PC workstation and there is a support board at the back of the workstation that covers the fan (not completely, but there's a space of around 8-10 cms. Could this be a factor?

I'm going to leave the PC out of it's place for an hour or two and I'll post the temps in a while.
okay - after 3hrs 20 mins the CPU temp has remained at a constant 55C - this is good. I'll put the PC back in place and see if I was right about the vent being covered too much
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