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Solved: Partition question

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I'll be doing a re-install and I'm not sure about the partitions aspect.I was told that I should install the OS on it's own partition,now I'm asking how large should I make the partition?
I did a Google search,and found everything else but the info I'm looking for.I also did a search here and couldn't find it,either
Thanks for any help I can get.
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I like to set a partition of 8 - 10 Gigs for the operating system and applications . . use the rest for data.
Thanks for the reply,simpswr!
Wow,that's much larger than I thought.I guess any and all programs that I'll be running will have to be installed in that partition?
Depends on the size of your HD, but I like to set my C: partition to about 80gig since this is also where the desktop working/storage space is located, and it may get a little loaded before I move things.

Fully loaded, my C: drive runs about 13 gig full.
Then I set the remaining HD space for storage and the working temp space for some programs.

Depending on your computer and the applications you like to run - The best arrangment might be to have your C: drive on a separate HD, say an 80gig, then use your Slave for storage and temp working space.
This way, both HDs can be working at the same time .. "basically stated"
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