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Solved: Outlook 2003 no longer pops up Send/Receive window

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It used to be that when I did an intentional Send/Receive (as opposed to Outlook doing an automatic timed one) a window came up showing me progress. I think it defaulted to just showing the progress on the right-hand side of the status bar at the bottom, but if I used the menu option Tools -> Send/Receive -> Send/Receive Settings -> Show Progress, it would immediately show the progress of the last Send/Receive. It would also then always pop up that window for subsequent Send/Receives.

Now, however, nothing I can do will cause it to always show the Send/Receive window during intentional Send/Receives. It only shows it on the status bar.

Not sure what I have done that has changed things.

I'm on Windows XP, SP2, but I'm sure it was OK after the install of SP2.

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Open Outlook and Click Tools from the top menu then click Send Receive/Send Receive Settings/Show Progress.

That will restore the Progress window.
Sorry I didn't read your post properly,

When you click Send Receive the first time after you have set it to open using the method mentioned above, uncheck the box that says 'Don't show this dialogue box during send receive'

You may need to be quick to catch it !
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