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[SOLVED] new computer-BAD scanner!

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I got a new computer, switching from ME to XP. I have a Visioneer 8100 scanner that doesn't seem to want to work properly. I tried uninstalling & reinstalling. I tried downloading a new driver. Nothing works! Can somebody help? Or shoul I just bite the bullet & get a new scanner?
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USB or parallel? What seems to be the problem? Does it install completely and then not scan?
parallel. If I click preview, it takes 2 or three tries to get the entire screen scanned. Also, when I exported the pix to my pictures folders, it would put the picture. Now, it has the visioneer logo and you have to open that to see the picture
In the bios setup, check to see how the parallel port is setup.....I think there's a setting, either ECP or bi-directional.....I think it should be set to bi-directional, but let us know what it is set to now.

Another question, is it connected directly to the computer, or are you passing it thru a printer?
hey try right clicking on it and running it in compatability mode for windows me (the scanner software)
It is connected to the computer. How do I get to the bios setup?
When the computer is restarting, there is a key to press to enter the setup....usually it's the DEL key, but can be F 1 or F 2, Compaqs F 10, and there are others....if none work, post the model of the computer.
the bios setting is on ECP. Another ?. If I wanted to hook the scanner & printer together, do I plug the printer into the scanner or the other way round?
Sometimes whatever way works ;)

When I ran a setup like that, I usually had the printer going to the computer and the scanner attached to the printer.

Do you have the option to change that to bi-directional? If so, change it, save changes coming out, and test the scanner again.

For right now, I'd just keep trying to test the scanner to get it working before you throw another rock into the pile :)
Okay, changing the bios setting to bi-directional resulted in it not working at all, so I changed it back. What now?
Where'd you find the XP driver? I'm assuming this used to work under ME?
the driver came from the visioneer websight. And yes, it worked with ME. Anyhoo, I redownloaded the driver, uninstalled everything I could find about the program and installed the new driver. The scanner wouldn't work so I reinstalled the original software on top of the new driver and now it seems to be working. Knock on wood. Ain't technology grand? Thanks, Candy, for your help. How do I tell this thing the problem seems to be resolved?
I will mark it solved.....thanks for letting us know......sometimes brute force works :D
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