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[Solved] Need help with virus's found

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I am hoping someone can help me.

I have a few issue's going on. First - NAV found Downloader. Trojan and I recieve a message saying it was unable to be cleaned. Quarantine failed. Access Denied.
Second - NAV also found the Trojan.ByteVerify Virus and I receive the same message. NAV has all the latest updates.
Third- other problems are that all of a sudden when using the mouse to scroll down a page or highlight a word, the entire page highlights, when trying to highlight to change the a url it highlights the entire line and I can't do anything then. When reading email either thru yahoo or optimum, the same things happen and when trying to sign off email I find that there are multiple windows open for the same emails and have to close all the windows to finally be signed out.
Third- when trying to play Medal of Honor online pop-ups appear like crazy and the game stops saying that it cannot find a server- or server not responding, (this just started recently) then the game tries to restart comes up with a half - window and restarts end up constantly shutting it off and restarting it again, it makes it impossible to play.
I have run NAV- nothing found, I have run CWShredder, finds nothing, run SpybotSearch and Destroy and Adware 6. and it finds the same things even after immunizing- PeopleonPage, MY Web Search (when I try to uninstall the progam just hangs), and Doubleclick.

Any help would be very much appreciated
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Download HijackThis from here. Make a new folder for the program and then open it, click Scan. When it finishes scanning, do no remove anything but instead save the log and post it here.

Run an online virus scan from HouseCall( and make sure that you delete whatever it finds but isnt able to delete (make sure that auto clean is checked). Also take note of the location of the files that "cant be deleted" by it.
Sounds like you need to clean out your temp. files and you probably have some adware. Once you post the log, it will be clear what it is exactly.
Yes, it does. We'll run throught all of the accounts since this one doesn't look good.

Start off by doing the following:

  1. Download Ad-Aware 6.181 from
  2. Install the program, open it check to make sure you have the latest reference file by clicking on webupdate. Make sure that your reference file reads 01R275 25.03.2004 (or higher number/date). If it does not, then click here and install the file manually.
  3. Make sure the following settings are turned to ON
    -From the main window click on Start then Activate in-depth scan.
    -Click on Use custom scanning options>Customize and make sure the following options are turned on:
    Scan within archives
    Scan active processes
    Scan registry
    Scan my IE Favorites for banned URL
    Scan my host-files
  4. Click on Settings and make sure the following are enabled:
    Unload recognized processes during scanning
  5. Click on Cleaning engine and make sure that Let windows remove files in use at next reboot is on.
  6. Finally Click Proceed to save your settings.
  7. Click on Scan Now from the main window and select Use Custom Scanning options and click scan.
  8. When scan completes, remove all items, then run another scan but this time select the Perform Smart-System Scan option and then also remove all items it finds.

    1. Download Spyboy S&D from this page
    2. Open and install the program then click here and follow the instructions for updating the program. Download all available updates.
    3. Run a scan by clicking on Spybot S&D and then clicking Search & Destroy and then Check for problems
    4. When scan completes, remove all items in red by making sure that they are checked and then click Fix selected problems

      Post another log
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Follow these steps for removing the "peper" trojan:

1 -- download and run the "uninstaller" here:

(it has to be run while you are still connected online)

2 -- download and extract the dr peper script from here:
(it extracts to: C:\drpeper\Find backup and Delete Peper files.vbs)
Double click on the *.vbs file to run it. You may get a "script" warning; allow it to run.
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gotcha Flrman ;)


Go ahead and post the log from another account.
It should either clean the files at next reboot, but if you later run the scan and it doesn't, then attempt running the scan in safe mode (

PS: one ID at a time :)
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