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Solved: Need Help Disabling Firewall Using 2Wire 2701HG-B

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AT&T finally brought Basic Dsl to my country neighborhood. Basic is a lot slower
then other packages but anything is better then dialup. I dont intend to use "wireless"
just hard wired networking.

I went into Tech Support chat with AT&T and went to http://homeportal/setup and
then to Edit Firewall Setting and I selected (Allow all applications (DMZplus mode)
and rebooted. Everything works fine. Its much faster then it was. However, when I
go back into http://homeportal/setup it still shows the firewall to be active.

My question to you is the firewall still active or can I use a firewall of my own? I
surely dont want 2 firewalls running on the same computer. And I dont want to
tinker with the (Edit Advanced Settings Page) but most of it is checked by
default including the Attack Detection settings.

Is the firewall turned off and can I use my own firewall? I'd appreciate anyones
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Don't worry about the hardware firewall, it won't conflict with any software firewalls. The main component of the hardware "firewall" in a router is the NAT layer. Without the NAT layer, it's no longer a router, so disabling that isn't an option. :)

I really appreciate your help. All of this new to me. I like software firewalls
as I like to know whats going on. Thanks for answering my question.

No problem, that's what we do here. :)
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