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Solved: My Documents is after My Computer

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In Windows Explorer the My Documents folder used to be above the My Computer folder--now it's below. What caused this and how do I get it back?

Windows XP SP3
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System Restore , maybe .... but why ? Possibly SP3 caused the change . Where in explorer has it changed ? On the desktop or in the tasks panel ?
I'm confused by your question. It occurred in Windows Explorer--the program that comes up when the Windows-E keys are pressed or when you right click on the Windows Start button and select Explore.

I attached a screen print to clarify what I mean. Oddly on my desktop the My Computer folder is called Owner on Dell 3000--the laptop calls it My Computer.

You're probably correct--I think this happened around the time SP3 was installed on both.

I also got an empty folder called Mobile Device around the same time. I have no idea what it relates to.
Start Regedit (Start | Run enter Regedit press enter)
Navigate to:

Change the value of SortOrderIndex from 84 (0x00000054) to 72 (0x00000048)

If you have TweakUI installed you can use it to change this value, it's under Desktop | First Icon

I have no idea why it would have changed.

If it's already set to 72, then something else is changing the order. In that case a System Restore to before this happened as nessyguin has suggested would probably be the best bet.


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Thank You, Tweakui fixed the issue for me.

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