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Solved: Memory is being eaten

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Hi There,
Love you folks and I have not been here in a while... :up: :)

I have an IBM all-in-one Netvista, running win98 SE 4.10.222 A.
Lately, I run out of memory real quick. :(
In System Properties > Performance > System Resources = 16% free.

This happens even after closing all windows, I only get back around 13 to 16% memory, programs open slowly, IE takes some time to "find the page". When I open anotehr browser window, it goes back down to 7%free. :eek:
Quite annoying to say the least.

It was running fine last week, but now seems slow. Hmmm wonder if I have a spyware issue? :mad:

Is there a way to force the resources back to normal (ie by using an F key or something?)
I keep having to reboot to get the performance back up there?

Not sure what I should do next..... maybe Highjack this?

Any suggestions would help.
Thanks :p
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Right-click MY COMPUTER, then click Properties. What is the amount of RAM listed in the "General" and/or "Performance" tabs?

Click Start - Run, type in MSCONFIG, then click OK - "Startup" tab. What many entries there have a checkmark next to them?


Post a HijackThis log, as requested.

ScanRegistry should be among the list, but I don't see it listed. If it's not in the MSCONFIG "Startup" list so you can re-enable it, read the sticky on how to get it back.

Personally, I wouldn't allow Spyware Doctor to run in the background all the time. You can manually run a scan with it once or twice a week.


(5th one down in the list)

Sis Tray


(3rd one down in the list)


I can't say much for that long list of activeX controls(O16 entries) your computer has. Go into the C:\WINDOWS\DOWNLOADED PROGRAM FILES folder and see how many of them you can delete. Definitely delete any that show a status of "Damaged". After you open the folder, click View - Details.

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