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[SOLVED] McAfee Firewall Communication Alert

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I am not sure this is the right forum, but here goes. I am having problems with a McAfee Firewall Communication Alert. It pops up every time I log on. At the top it says Application Layer Gateway Service v5.1.2600.1106
Then it states that "This program C:\\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\ALG.EXE is trying to access the INTERNET. Do you want to allow it? How do I stop this from popping up. I went to the Firewall and allowed it. It still pops up. Any advice would be appreciated. It started after I updated Windows.


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quote from

FILENAME: Alg.exe.
PROGRAM NAME: Application Layer Gateway.
DESCRIPTION: Part of Windows XP that provides support for ICS and Internet Connection Firewall (ICF).
RECOMMENDED ACTION: If a third-party firewall warns you that ALG.exe wants access, check to make sure you're not double-firewalled. If you are, disable ICF. If you are using neither ICF nor ICS and are warned that ALG.exe is trying to access the Net, deny it. A Trojan horse or worm may be trying to use it as a backdoor.

Looks like you don't need that since you are using McAfee Firewall.
Thanks! Where do I go to disable ICF or ICS?
In XP, ICF is found Start > Control Panel > Administration Tools > Services > Application Layer Gateway Service. Disable the Application Layer services.
Thanks for the quick reply!
This solved the problem. I disabled the Application Layer Services.
Thanks so much.
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