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[Solved] LWO filetype, and can it be converted?

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I have an LWO file. It is an artists 3-D rendering of the Toutatis Asteroid which is expected to come VERY close to Earth this year in late September. I think LWO stands for Length-Width-Orientation, or something to that affect.

I'd like to convert it into a JPEG file so that I can use it as wallpaper.

The LWO file is 226K in size.
(just a hair too large to attach here)

Can someone convert it for me? Please PM your email addy to me and I will send the file.

Thanks a million!

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Here's the file zipped.
Change from .TXT to .ZIP


Thanks James. This is a personal project, and is in no way really too important, so please don't let it consume much time.

If you're interested in the asteroid here's a JPL link to the playable orbit projection.

It is expected to arrive on or right around Yom Kippur this year, so there are some biblical ramifications (even though I'm not a Bibal thumper)

Applet takes a minute or so to load, but worth the wait.

Thanks again,

Awesome converter. It allows me to rotate the 3-D object and everything! Thanks a million!

Unfortunately, I was hoping that it was the picture below and large enough for wallpaper.

Either way, I now have a great 3-D viewer/converter. Thanks!

Note: reporting this thread solved by Jameso321


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Thanks again - Your link is now in my favorites. :up:

And Welcome to TSG.
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