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Solved: Lost xp trying to start with 98

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Last night my computer froze and then had to restart it wih reset button. Upon restart it tried to boot to win 98 rather than xp. Not sure what to do.

I get the following error each time that I try to boot. The following file is missing or corrupted: \dev\hit-dvd.sys. There is an error in yourconfig.sys file on line 3C:\>c:bin\mscdex.exe /D:mscd001 /m:8
Device Driver not found

We have been using xp for a few years and not 98. I have the original disk but hope to not lose all current information. F8 takes me to the 98 screen options rather than the xp options.
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they appear to be CD drive files

try booting into safe mode - switch the machine on and tap F8 it should give you a menu with an an option to start in safe mode
It will not start even into safe mode. Chkdsk while in xp repair mode returns the following.
This volume appears to contain one or more unrecoverable problems.

Removed the drive and tried to access files through usb and reports drive not formated.

Now to add to this I formatted another drive and installed to find now my power supply doesn't even respond to the power button. I do hear a faint noise when I plug the power supply in. Currently swapping out the power supply. What a job, had to remore the heat sink to get the supply out and the memory to put it back in with the thermal compound.

Now going to check it out.
Getting worse not better. Now I get no beeps, monitor output or keyboard. Even with no memory Installed there are no beeps. Enough for now, going to call it a night.
Try start up try F10 and see if it will allow you to recover xP...this function should allow you to recover your past files
4 days ago I switched to Mint linux. Still learning allot about how to use this system. Finally got scanner to work last night. Now I need to learn how to use the console (terminal).
Closing this old thread.
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