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Have a Toshiba Satellite P305 laptop, running Vista. It's jus a couple years old.
Few months ago the sound started 'stuttering, very distorted, and skips' every few seconds. Doesn't matter if its music or a website, it does the same thing everywhere. Thought maybe the speakers went bad in the laptop, so I just bought a set of portable USB speakers, but it still does the same thing even through the new speakers.

What do I check? What could this be if the sound problem is persisting even through the new USB speakers? I see nothing that has changed and do not recall making any changes in the computer lately.

In Device Manager under Sound, Video, Game controllers, I have:
Conexant High Def Smart Audio 221
High Definition Audio Device
USB Audio Device
and there does not look to be an issue with any of them. Each says its working fine.

I use a 'Verizon Wireless aircard connection' if that makes any difference, which I don't know that it would.

After some other research, I saw things like 'disable or reset' the Nework Adapter, but have no idea whatsoever how to do that. I did go into Network Connections and saw basically the very same thing I've seen there the past few years. Which is:
Local Area Connection - Network Cable unplugged - Marvel Yukon 88E8040T PCI-E Fast Ethernet Controller
Local Area Connection 2 - Network Cable unplugged - Pantech USB Modem WWAN Driver
Verizon Wireless - VZAccess - Connected - Pantech USB Modem.

But like I said, those look the very same they have for the past couple of years, no changes.

Don't know what could be causing all the sound 'stutters, crackles & skipping', even with the new speakers. Anyone have a clue? What should I do, or where should I check?

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