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Solved: kendell32.dll error

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iam having a little problem with installing one of my older games (Sid Meiers Gettysburg) on my sony vaio computer. it is running on XP operating system. but here is what happens. when i try to run/install the game i get the following message:
"The procedure entry point UnMapLS could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll"

oh btw, the title of the error is: "autolee.exe - Entry Point Not Found". so if anybody out there can help me out, please post.
thanks ahead of time,
Christopher Nearchos
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When ever I had kernel32.dll errors, I would usually format my computer, which would usually solve the problem

It can usually only get worse
Do you have a firewall running?

Usually you cannot host games from behind a firewall on Gamespy

Also, make sure that everybody in your party has the latest patch for both the game and gamespy
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