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Solved: Java issues help.

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I have windows XP Pro Sp2, on a 1.5Ghz AMD.

Reciently I have been having problems with Java loading, I go to websites like the weather sites to check the radar, (several different sites). Java is very slow to load, or doesnt load at all. I get no errors, it just sits there with the java logo. Most of the time when I refresh the page the Java app loads and things are normal. But lately it has not worked at all. even after waiting for over 10 mins. (it used to take less then 10 seconds). I have tried to go to and get updates, but it just says that I have the most current version installed. Other things like my add and remove programs are slow to load as well. It says I have Java update 3 and Java update 6 installed in the add and remove programs.. Nothing seems out of the ordinary in my processes list. I have ran SpyBot and AD-Aware, and they both come back clean. Any ideas?


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Go to this tester page; and click the box at the top centre. If the version it reports is lower than 1.6.0_7, you need to update.

Even if you actually have 1.6.0_7 you should use Add/Remove to uninstall any older versions. If you don't have it, go here and d/l the 'offline' version and install in the usual way; Once installed you should follow the instructions about re-starting your browser and use the option to verify the installation.

If the latest Sun Java version doesn't improve things you may have something else going on which will need more skilful assistance than I can offer!
I didn't get the new windows update on this computer, But I did get the new zone alarm update. and things did not go right with the computer untill I got the windows update..

Things are working fine now, I will repost if needed.

Thanks for the help..
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