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[Solved] I've had it w/ ME - help me get back to 98

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Ever since going to ME I've had problems getting programs to run, mouse locking up, etc. I want to go back to 98, but can't find Me uninstall in the control panel - maybe I didn't include uninstall it in the initial installation. Any ideas on how to remove ME or install 98?

AMD750, 256M ram, two hard drives - 4G & 6G; ME is on the 4G
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The best thing to do is format the hard drive and load Win98 on a clean drive. If WinME is causing you problems then maybe an un-install back to your old Win98 might cause you problems also. A clean start, in my opinion, is the way to go.
If I format the drive w/ ME, how will the system boot to install 98?
I'm sorry, I assumed maybe you might be experienced with drive formatting. At any rate, you'll need a boot disk and you'll need a CD with Win98xx. (not the upgrade, but full version) You will also need the KEY CODE for that CD.

If you have a Recovery Disk that came with your computer and you upgrade to WinME from Win98, then you can insert your recovery CD into the CD ROM. It should start and give you some options like formatting and returning your computer to the way it was when you first turned it on.

What the formatting of your hard drive will do is remove EVERYTHING from that drive and then you can load another O/S on to it.

You can use WinME to make a bootdisk(I think it'll work to load Win98). Start/Settings/Control Panel then to ADD/REMOVE Programs/Startup Disk Tab and follow the instructions to make a disk. I would try and find a Win98 bootdisk. One from any Win98 computer will work. Shutdown the computer completely, insert the bootdisk into the A drive and turn on the computer. Select boot with CD Rom support. This will bring you to the A: prompt and you can format the hardrive from there.

If you are not sure about how to format a hardrive, then do some searching here or on the web about how to format and install Windows. It's not hard but can be confusing. Formatting will wipe out everything on your drive so save to disk(s) anything you want to keep. (i.e. documents etc etc)
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Now to reload all my old programs!
Great! :D
Done - it seems to have worked. The mouse is back to normal and I successfully recorded several cds. Thanks for the help!

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