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(Solved) Is There a Way to Make a Printable File List?

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How do I make a printable file list of, say, a given set of files in a file folder? My immediate problem is to be able to put into a word processing program a list of mp3 files so that I can use the file list as a playlist for a CD I wish to burn from mp3 files.

Is there a way to do this? A trick to be able to print the file list? Or do I need to find/download a specific utility or program to do this?

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How about a command prompt, and type DIR /b >filelist.txt
Thanks but you said to do a command prompt (e.g., DIR /b >filelist.txt). This sounds promising, but, alas, I don't know how to do that. I would appreciate it if you would guide me more precisely, step-by-step, through the process of making a command prompt!

You can make a shortcut to COMMAND.COM or CMD.EXE, depending whether you're running W9x or W2K/XP. In the Target window, you put:

W2k/XP: --> C:\WINNT\system32\cmd.exe /c dir /b >c:\filelist.txt

W9x: ------> C:\COMMAND.COM /c dir /b >c:\filelist.txt

In the Start in window you put the complete path to the directory that you'd like the listing for, e.g.:


When you run this shortcut, it'll create FILELIST.TXT in the root of C: with the bare directory listing for your use. You can obviously do this listing for any directory.

I have a "Command Prompt Here" on my right click menu so I can call up a command prompt in any directory. If you configure that, you can open the command prompt in the proper directory and just type the:

dir /b >c:\filelist.txt
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I have received the detailed instructions about creating a text of the files and find it very, very confusing.

1) In the Target window. I have no idea what or where a target window is.

2) I did manage to create a shortcut for what appears to be a cmd.exe file. It opens into a dos prompt window.

You do not tell me what the point is of this shortcut!

Then you ask me to put the complete path to the directory, I presume in the Start/Run Window. I put it there. Then I ran the shortcut, and I have no idea what to do.

Thank you for trying, but your instructions assume a level of understanding out of my reach. I consider myself above-average in intelligence, but I am simply unable to follow your directions.

Thanks anyway.

Steve G.
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Hi Steve,

Basically, in your Dos window, navigate to the folder that you want to make a list of the contents of.

When you get there, type in DIR /b >filelist.txt and hit enter. Nothing will appear to have happened, and the same directory line will appear, complete with blinking cursor, however, there will now be a file in that directory called filelist.txt and it will contain the file and foilder names of everything that was in that directory.

Personally, I think John may have confused with the whole make a shortcut to Dos thingie, however he did explain well enough about how to run the actual command that gives you the filelist.
I was trying to use the shortcut, since navigating with a command window and no access to long filenames is frequently an art that is even more difficult to master. :)

Of course, it would help a lot to know what O/S and the file structure of where the files were stored, then I could have given him a "canned" solution.
Take a look at the Program "File Lister" at the Link below, this might be useful. Freeware Program in a Zip file.

"File Lister"
called "print folder" I use it and it couldn't be easier :) ...Rhett
I am very, very grateful for all the excellent tips and help with regard to printing Windows XP folder lists. Each of your suggestions has been explored and each has plusses and minuses, as far as I can tell so far. I have installed both of the freeware programs recommended. "Print Folder" seems to make a "cleaner" list for my purposes than "File Lister." (The saving of a file list to a text file through dos doesn't seem to allow for long file names and is too complicated for my Pooh brain (not being very canny with dos.)

A techie friend gave me another solution that works even better (so far) for me. That is to save a playlist in MusicMatch Jukebox. The Playlist folder does not seem to permit a "Save As" to text or word file, but one CAN print out the playlist, which is good enough for my need at present. If worst came to worst, I could, of course, scan to a Word file. The advantage of this last solution is that the files listed contain just what I need: title and artist only.

Again, please know that I have learned a lot through this exercise and once again am astounded by the kind and thorough answers I get on this forum. You guys are the very best!

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We thank you for the kind words. :) I seldom venture out of "random" but I caught your post and had some experience with the the program I listed !

I will ask the Mods to mark this solved, glad you found your answer :)...Rhett
Originally posted by Galleherjazz:
(The saving of a file list to a text file through dos doesn't seem to allow for long file names and is too complicated for my Pooh brain (not being very canny with dos.)
Hmm... Here's a list made by the technique I described, the file names sure seem to be all there. :)

Alannah Myles - If You Want Me.mp3
8Th Day - She's Not Just Another Woman.mp3
Abba - Take A Chance On Me.mp3
Ace - How Long.mp3
Aerosmith - Big Ten Inch Record.mp3
Aerosmith - Movin' Out.mp3
Aerosmith - Pink.mp3
Alan Parsons Project - Don't Answer Me.mp3
Alannah Myles - Bad 4 You.mp3
Alannah Myles - Everybody's Breakin' Up.mp3
Alannah Myles - Hurry Make Love.mp3
10Cc - The Things We Do For Love.mp3
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