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Solved: Is partitioning of external HDD possible?

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I have an external HDD to which I weekly backup my entire system using Acronis' "TrueImage." I also have "PartitionMagic." The external HDD is currently a single volume. Could it be partitioned using "PartitionMagic" in the event I would like to, say use 3/4s for the weekly system backups and the remainder for storing seldom used files that are occupying space on my main HDD?

If this is possible, presumably the letter "eye" (or "J" ?) would be given to the 1/4 part, since the entire volume is currently designated "H." Is this correct?

My system is "XP Pro" SP2.
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Yes, you can. It may depend on your versiom of PM. Version 7 onwards will do it.
You can force XP to use whatever free drive letters you want. I use 'Y' for my seldom used files.
Don't use Z as that is often used as a temporay letter by software installation routines.
Dave: Thanks for the response and the detailed info and advice. My "PM" version is 8.0, so I will "have a go." {redoak}
I now have the external HDD partitioned, with "H" and "Y" volumes. I also moved a large virtually domant file from "D" to "Y", so I am in business. :)

Many thanks again, Dave. :up:

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