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Solved: Is it OK to dicuss specific Internet servers?

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Here's the thing...I have a great nearly new P.C and it doesn't connect and/or surf the Web any faster then my old crappy one did! I'm soooo frustrated. I assume it's my server but everyone else I know with the same server isn't having problems...
What to do??? Insist they come check the wires? Any suggestions? Any help appreciated!
Will give server name when I have the go ahead :confused: :)
P.S. I've been using this server for about six years and have never had "fast connections"
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Delete cookies, run an anti-spyware app such as SuperAntiSpyware.

I'd call Cogeco as well and ask them if you need to uninstall and re-install F-Secure as this trojan was probably on there first. Also mention that it wouldn't delete/quarantine the trojan, you may want to do this before my first suggestion.
I called Cogeco and they told me to download and run "The Cleaner" by Moosoft. That was a total waste of time! The warnings from Cogeco's F-Secure and the pop up's were happening as it was running with no result...The only other reference to this Trojan in Google search was a Thread here in TSG but I couldn't make head nor tales out of it:confused: i'm beginning to worry......:(

P.S. I always keeps things cleaned up. And I'm afraid F-Secure will conflict with another Anti-Spyware App
SuperAntiSpyware scans. Then you can do a restart and it won't be running. I have it on my computer and I use F-Secure. I only run SuperAntiSpyware once a week. Uninstall the other app you tried first though, just in case.
Delete cookies first.
Thanks. Will give it a try!:)
Well it's done. It found 43 threats! One it named as a Trojan. Hope that's the end of it. Will know soon enough. Have to go for now. Will report here and close thread if it's done deal
Thank you for all the help XP guy! You rock too!
Problem solved:up:


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Glad I could help and that it worked out. Be careful with your mouse. I never hover over a link. As you are finding out, click it and it is downloaded.
Take care and good luck.
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