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Solved: Is it OK to dicuss specific Internet servers?

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Here's the thing...I have a great nearly new P.C and it doesn't connect and/or surf the Web any faster then my old crappy one did! I'm soooo frustrated. I assume it's my server but everyone else I know with the same server isn't having problems...
What to do??? Insist they come check the wires? Any suggestions? Any help appreciated!
Will give server name when I have the go ahead :confused: :)
P.S. I've been using this server for about six years and have never had "fast connections"
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Thanks Bob...:up:
Here are some visuals that might better explain my situation...
Specs: Dell Dimension 9150 Intel Pentium D Processer(3.0GHz) w/Dual Core Technology.
Hard Drive,320 G,S2#1
Dual inline memory Module 1G, 2x512,533 1R,N-ECC
Windows XP Media Edition


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Thank you all for the input...Here is my speed results
Hope the link works. I can't say I understand it Augie...
Yes, Doublehelix I do mean my ISP...
Togg, I do have IE but don't use it unless I have to. I use Mozilla Foxfire as my Default...
Yes Bob, I do understand what you're saying I just don't know what my speed should be. It always seems to say my connection speed is (as seen in the visuals) what I need to know is if that is my whole problem???:confused:
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Another question ..
Can I disable IE? My work site says I need to use it although the web pages aren't coming up properly anyway...So can I temporarily disable it and have quick access if needed?
Thanks Bob.
I do use Foxfire but I find IE intrusive ...It just pops up every now and then mainly if I receive web sites through my E-mail...Anyway I thought perhaps it might be a good idea to disable it if I could...:)
I found a few sites with instructions on disabling I.E. :
but I think I'll leave that as it doesn't seem to be my main issue...:)
Bob Cerelli said:
It doesn't so much disable it as misconfigure it so you can't access the Internet with it.

That would not solve the problem you described of IE opening when you click on a web site link in an e-mail. In fact it would make it worse since that web page wouldn't even open.
Right, hadn't thought of that... I have some time right now so I think I'll call my ISP and demand some help!
Thanks for your support Bob:up:
Well the jokes on me it seems, Bob...What I was demanding was a connection that doesn't drop every five minutes and a decent connection speed that would somehow warrant the $55.00 a month I pay them!:mad: I talked to two East Indian gentlemen.One who couldn't help but got his "supervisor" who assured me that he would find my problem. I was told to disconnect all my phones ( I have four floors in my house with a phone on each one) then I was to disconnect my modem, take it to a phone line, plug it in separately at which time he would do a fifteen minute test (as he could see a problem with my phone line) and he would call me back in half an hour! That, Bob was at 7:10 PM. It is now 8:50 PM. I had to reset the modem myself to get back this slow and miserable connection!!!:mad:
I wouldn't be telling the whole story if I didn't empress upon you that I have good manners and the patience of ten! So that's my situation Bob although I'm sure you're sorry you bothered to ask:( thanks for the vent). Have no idea where to go from here.
BTW the miserable ISP is Bell Canada's Sympatico:down: Can't even do Spellcheck as it won't load:mad:
Have a better night than me!
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Well bp936... I've been though a few modems...This one's my third...
I did however have an extension on the phone line so I could reach the wall plug...Today I moved all my furniture around so I could plug in directly..It seems to have helped, I'm still thinking I might switch to a cable server if only to satisfy myself that I just might get better support...Bell has run it's course with me :mad: Very bad service! You know, if they would just send someone to check the outside wiring. I'm right here in town...I'm also considering Digital home phone service. I hear it's great and you can keep your old #. I think I'll go ahead and do that even though I hate to have my E-mail address changed:(
Anyway, I hope you get some answers for your problems:)
Good Luck!
Connection to server finally fixed but still pages are loading slowly...Am troubleshooting "in the dark" so to speak (as I don't know what the hhll I'm doing)! Does this visual tell anyone out there anything?:confused:


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Looks like you're right on XPSP2
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Took me a while to get back here...
You've convinced me! I pay $56.03 a month with the security. The joke is I went to their fix it site and after they scanned my system they said they couldn't detect any security! What a rip off! I'm calling Cogeco tomorrow and ordering the digital phone too!
What a coincidence! I live in Peterborough too! Am going to call them this morning...
Thanks once again!
XPSP2 said:
I would not have thought that as your test says >50 miles and mine says 100 miles.

One problem you may have.
Bell usually makes you sign a contract. You may not be able to break this without cost.

Cogeco is having promos right now so you should be able to get a decent deal if you are going for phone and net.

Good luck,
Yes, noticed that thing with the mileage too but I'm definitely in Peterborough...I've been with Sympatico since 2000 so I'm not under Contract with that. However, I did just cancel a Bell Cell phone and was charged $200.00 to get out of that contract. My contract with Bell Expressvu is up in October so I'll wait that one out and be finished with Bell forever!!!
Cogeco's installing Regular Internet ( I download movies and music a lot) and Digital Home Phone Friday evening. I'll report in this post how I'm liking it in the following days if your interested...
Keep Warm.....
XPSP2 said:
Sure thanks.
You will be happy though. A few months ago, a friend was here and told me about James McMurtry having a demo song on his website for download. He said he tried to get it but after 15 min. was still only 33% done and gave up(he is with bell). I said I'd get it for him, we went to the site, I clicked the link, instantly the box pops up saying download complete, he couldn't believe it, so I immediately burned it for him while he watched the router to verify that it wasn't still downloading. There is no comparison.

It was cold outside at work today. Always colder there with the wind.
If my assumption is right, that you live on the island, then the speed test milage must be coming from the servers location, not our houses. I would be a mile closer to T.O. than you.

Cogeco must be gaining some ground. Two months ago, when another friend of mine signed up, I am sure he had to wait two weeks for them to come install. He has gone to a James McMurtry concert so I can't verify.
Be specific with the installer/s.

Regarding TV. I believe Bell is more competitive with cogeco in this area. For the channels I get, Bell can't offer me a better deal. For the same friend I just mentioned, Bell is better for him as he has satellite at his cottage as well. It will depend on the channels you want whether Cogeco will be better or not, but you have time to compare.

Happy downloading.
Actually I'm from P.E.I.:up:
After getting Cogeco!!
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XPSP2 said:
So, have you got everything on the internet downloaded yet?
Just about! I have to get used to this new and wonderful "High Speed" thing! I honestly thought I was going to have to take my tower out for repair. I couldn't imagine all my problems would be solved but they are!!! Cogeco Rocks!!!:up: ;)
Am having an issue with this popping up every few minutes. Did a second full scan but it couldn't delete it. Will investigate after work. Please hang in there till it's fixed. I might need some help...


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I called Cogeco and they told me to download and run "The Cleaner" by Moosoft. That was a total waste of time! The warnings from Cogeco's F-Secure and the pop up's were happening as it was running with no result...The only other reference to this Trojan in Google search was a Thread here in TSG but I couldn't make head nor tales out of it:confused: i'm beginning to worry......:(

P.S. I always keeps things cleaned up. And I'm afraid F-Secure will conflict with another Anti-Spyware App
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