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[SOLVED] IOS Difficulties

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Hi all

I had recently installed a couple of programmes which caused IOS problems when booting. The error message was something like some IO device could not be loaded, file might be corrupted or memory low.

I had inserted a 'maxfilecache' line under Vcache in System.ini
The line reads "maxfilecache=6144"

Now the computer will hang right after loading Win95. I must Cltrl-alt-del to end two tasks "REGSERV32" and "EXPLORER".

I need advice and help on how to load up windows without hanging. Thanks a million to anyone who can aid.

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Welcome to TSG damage9.

Are the programs you installed listed in Add/Remove?

It sounds like at least one of them is unable to complete its update of the registry and is failing to register a dll.

If you can unininstall them I would do that. You can also see what happens when you try "step by step" confirmation from the boot menu. This might help isolate the particular file or application which is hanging up. Tap f8 repeatedly when starting to get the boot menu.

See also...;EN-US;q156126
Hi All,

Thanks for the replies. :)

I had managed to solve it by editing my registry commands plus the config.sys. It was a tedious process but glad that it is finally over.

Hopefully my ancient pentium MMX will last me for about another half a year before I upgrade it to a Pentium 4. :p

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