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I just recently bought a used emachines computer, and it was having problems. It has an AMD Athlon XP 2800+, 512K L2 Cache, 333MHz FSB. It had the original MOBO in it, and I just replaced that with an ASUS A7V8X-MX SE. The original MOBO was bad, because the power supply and fans would come on automatically when plugged in, but nothing would work. Now that I replaced the MOBO, everything comes on and runs, but I am getting no picture on the monitor. I tried replacing and reseating the RAM, replaced the battery, used the onboard video card, and tried using the AGP 8x GeForce FX5500 256MB I just bought. I have pretty much tried everything I can think of, except for replacing the CPU, which I really hope I don't have to do. Does anyone have any recommendations? I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

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Be sure and always ground yourself by touching the power supply before handling the motherboard or other components to avoid electrostatic discharge. Use properly grounded outlet.

Items Needed
Non-conductive surface, such as a linoleum tabletop, cardboard or rubber mat.
Small screwdriver.
Known good power supply.

Components needed:

Motherboard (Access/Enter Motherboard BIOS and Troubleshooting BIOS Beep Codes)
Video card (Troubleshooting a Video Adapter and Computer Monitor Flow Chart)
RAM - one RAM stick (run memtest86)
Monitor -
Keyboard - Not mandatory
Speaker - Hear beep codes
Power Supply -(Flowchart for ATX Power Supply Repair best way is just try a known good power supply)

Remove everything from the case

Connect the components listed above, check all connections and be sure they are in their proper location and secure. If your motherboard has a small, square 4 pin power connector, your power supply will need one and it should be connected, it is required for proper operation.

If you have already tried the unit inside the case, reseat the RAM and video card a few times to clean up the contacts. This means pull the card out of the slot and put it back in, often 6 or 8 times are needed to clean off oxidation.

Locate the Power On pins on the motherboard and short them briefly with a small screwdriver, that should power up the computer. If everything is properly connected, in working order and contacts are clean, you should see a BIOS screen and hear one beep.
Now we know that it may be a Mounting issue and you should check each standoff that is not matching up with a hole int the motherboard

Or it may be one of the pieces of hardware we have not connected yet.

If you get no video or beep, switch off the power strip or unplug the power supply to shut down. Reseat video card and RAM. Sometimes this must be done several times, heavy oxidation can be difficult to clean up.

If you still get no beep or video after several tries and have reseated the RAM and video, further troubleshooting is necessary. I won't go into great detail here, but the things to check are:

Video card - try a different one.
RAM - try a different chip.
Motherboard - Have it tested by a reputable computer shop.
CPU - Have it tested by a reputable shop.
Power supply - A weak power supply can be difficult to sort out,Best way is to try a Known good PS to diagnose
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