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[Solved] installation problem

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I have been using Office 97 that I bought at ebay, that has served me well for over 3 years. Earlier this year I used an Office 2000 upgrade borrowed from a friend at work. It served me for several months and then all the programs in it stopped working. Specifically I could not get any of them to save any document or print anything. I always got the message "low on memory".
I uninstalled the program and tried to reinstall my previous Office97 and now the error I get is "error 2889. An internal error has occured". I also tried to install a Norton anti-virus program that apparently uses the windows installer to install and it aborts each time with the same error message.
How do I get around this problem? Is there any "clean up" installer utility around that I can use. I just downloaded the win xp installer program but do not want to do anything with it until I get some feed back.
thanks in advance for any help
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I strongly believe you have the nimbda virus.
My neighbor had the same symptoms and that's what it turned out to be. I got a fix off the internet but don't remember where. Just search for it and you'll find a fix.

Good luck, it was a pain in the *ss to fix but you can do it.

You can't legally borrow your friend's copy of Office 2000. You have to purchase your own license. If you're happy with Office 97, remove Office 2000, and reinstall Office 97.
Not sure if you have a virus but scanning for a virus is a good first step as Trashman suggested. Try running a free online virus scan here and see if it finds anything.
Thanks to you guys for your help. Trashman as it turned out the culprit was the Nimda virus as you suggested which had proliferated most of the system files and corrupted a few.
I have fixed it and life is back to normal
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