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[SOLVED] ingame movie sound problems

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hey all

i just got silent hill 2
and when i try to play the movies or when a movie starts ingame
i get this skipping sound as if it were a scrathed record
the movie plays fine just the sound is skipping this happens on almost all my games this is post having updated each game

self built
winxp pro service 1 integrad
p2 400mhz
512 sdram
nvidia gforce4 420 pci(ugh)
creative lab soundblas. 16
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I guess I would wonder if per chance, the sound card and the display adapter are sharing the same IRQ #?
what's that? irq?
if it's anything to do with registry
i'm taking a brick to this thing
Well, I'm not that familiar with XP.....but I think this should work.....

start button, run, then type msinfo32 and hit ok.....go to hardware, IRQs, edit, select all, edit, copy and come back and paste.....

If that doesn't work, I'm sure someone will correct me ;)
doesn't give the option to paste ,
i don't see any irq conflicts
Then try it again....if you got that far, perhaps, you just missed one part....make sure they all highlight.....

and I just noticed the creative blaster this an XP upgrade from another operating system....did the soundcard work before?
it is an upgrade i have no idea wether it worked before
i'm at system info irq it just has copy and select all even post select all
two things, i believe 2000 manages all irqs so i don't think it will let me mess with it
and according to my a+ core book it says
irq conflict effect only disable devices .mine goes fine (i tried a pci sound card instead of my isa and same deal) just wierd skipping at movies
side note / ff8 begining intro just kinna freezes slowly
probably doesn't help
after putting together a new ! nforce ! system
athlon 1700+
asus 266 nforce 220d
geforce 4 420 pci

and still having this problem
i happen to be at when someone
mention that xp pulls too many game resources (ram and such) for it self . so i installed win2000 pro sp3 and BAAMM! it runs smooth like de rush hole .

any hoo in real life{not benchmarking} it apears win2000 runs all apps a little smoother and quicker so if your getting an os to look pretty on your desktop get a mac:p
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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