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[SOLVED] infra red port drivers

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I mistakenly deleted my infra red port drivers on my AST Ascentia J Series laptop. I don't have a CD with the drivers. AST no longer has a working web site. Am I up a creek?

I need the infra red port program TranXit. It used to be the most common program for managing laptop infra red ports. I've tried the page, but did not find the program. Any idea whether I can use a generic program or do I need one specifically made for my AST laptop?
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try this

Puma Technologies

Device Type:

Puma Technologies

File Name:

2213276 bytes

Windows 95 & Windows 98

Transfer files from one computer to another. Tranxit used to be distributed freely with the Sharp/Toshiba notebooks. But it will work with others too.
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Thanks for the suggested link! I was able to download and install Tranxit. I used the lead from the first reply.
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