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Solved: Image Hosting System

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I am trying to create an image hosting system.
Any Ideas on where to start?
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Do you mean you're trying to set up a web server that displays photos or other images?
If so, take a look Gallery ( You can host this yourself or find an ISP (such as DreamHost) that will do the work for you; I would recommend the latter route unless you already have experience running a web server.
That's not exactly what I want to do.

It's just I want it where the "end user" can upload a photo and on success it will show the "end user" the photo they uploaded and give them the
code as well as a direct link to the photo.

But I want it to be a secure thing, with user registration.
It might be helpful if you could provide a few more details about your goals.

If you have any other information to add (such as approaches you're already considered and rejected), that would help too.

What's your experience with software development and server hosting?
Well, It wouldn't necessarily be just image hosting.
It sounds more like file sharing/hosting.

I have tried to implement a custom script I built but I am running into a few problems so I went back to the drawing board.
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