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Solved: IE Doesnt Allow NAV to Run

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Get a permission denied error when attempt to start NAV after running IE6 .

I have reviewed the Norton Knowledge Base and found an incident that describes the problem except for a few key points - the prob NAV describes is when NAV 2000 is updated ... but I have NAV 2002 that was installed by DELL.
The incident also says Norton updated their program and to use Live Update to upgrade my copy ... I've done that many many times. (There doesnt seem to be a way to contact Norton w/o paying ~$30. Ridiculous

I use FireFox 1.0 (with Win XP Home - SP1 btw) and it doesnt 'bother' NAV .... its only after I use IE6. (I can recover by using System Restore ... until IE6 is executed again).

The error dialog is: An error has occurred in the script on this page
Line: 169
char: 2
Error: permission denied
Code: 0
URL: C:\PROGR~1\NORTON~!\NAVUI.dll\navstats.htm

I've run Ad-Aware, SpyBot, NAV (when IE hasnt run yet), and have Spyware Blaster installed
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thank you - did a RESTORE and prob went away - but dont know what caused the orig prob but now always save a 'valid' retore point.
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